I was referred to Jacqueline and she discovered right away that my baby had both tongue AND lip ties. We had procedures done to fix the ties and now here we are, my baby is 4 months old and nursing like a champ, no pain. I’m glad Jacqueline was there to find our problems and reassure us that breastfeeding is NOT supposed to be painful. She also taught me what a good latch looks like. Without her help I wouldn’t be breastfeeding now.
— Ashley G.

Happy Clients


Jacqueline was able to make time to see us quickly and confirmed that our son had a lip and a tongue tie which we had suspected. She has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to lip and tongue ties and is great at explaining everything during her consultation. She helped us pre and post correction procedure with helpful exercises and other coping strategies. She goes above and beyond...offering resources, referrals, and other support. 

— TashA S.

Nursing my son was so painful, his poor latch made nursing something I dreaded. He was causing so much damage to me I grew fearful of feeding him. We suspected he had a tongue and lip tie, but we had no clue what to do so I made an appointment with Jacqueline and hoped she would be able to help us. When we met with Jacqueline she helped us get a plan in place for having his tongue and lip tie released. She sent us to a top notch provider for his release and also recommended several excellent chiropractors for us to see afterwards. She is very knowledgeable and armed us with a ton of information and exercises to do with my son. Jacqueline is nothing short of amazing! With Jacqueline's help we were able to get my son the help he needed for his tongue and lip tie, and also get much needed assistance to help teach him how to latch again. The past two weeks have been so special to me, even now as I write this my son is happily nursing and I am loving every minute of it. I was so ready to give up, so ready to call it quits. If not for Jaqueline I might have! But now nursing is no longer painful, it's not something I dread but now something I enjoy. He and I are both loving this new nursing relationship we have. Before meeting with Jacqueline my husband and I felt so lost, but thanks to Jaqueline I can now have the nursing experience I dreamed of. We are forever grateful for everything she has done for us. Thank you Jaqueline!

— Alison C.

The exercises are helping baby P! I was able to calm him without a pacifier between feedings all yesterday afternoon and evening. He slept a 4 hour stretch last night. It was much needed for this mama.

— Jamie J.

Thank you ! We are convinced it’s the best procedures he could have had, we are seeing so many benefits already like improved breathing and sleeping, next goal is get him on the boob!

— Basel G.