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Milk supply support that works

Our specialized blend of organic herbs and herbal extracts took years of research and clinical experience to formulate.

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Advanced Lactation Formula

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The Advanced Lactation Formula is a powerful organic herbal supplement created by a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant for increasing breastmilk production. It contains Moringa, the most powerful ingredient for lactation, as well as Alfalfa and Fennel Seed for increasing fat content of breastmilk.

  • INCREASE MILK SUPPLY & PRODUCTION: Regain milk supply with Moringa, Silymarin 80% (milk thistle extract), Shatavari, Alfalfa and Fennel Seed.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: The only lactation supplement made by a Board-Certified clinician with years of clinical experience.
  • POTENT: Contains more herbs for the highest efficacy & the only lactation supplement with 80% Silymarin (the component of milk thistle that increases milk supply).
  • HEALTHY: Restores nutrients lost during birth & breastfeeding, increases fat content of breastmilk, and balances hormones.
  • SAFE: Manufactured in the USA using organic ingredients. Heavy-metal tested, fenugreek-free, free of gluten, soy, corn, sugars, dairy, GMOs & other toxic ingredients.

45 reviews for Advanced Lactation Formula

  1. Joel Ter Wee (verified owner)

    More Energy and More Milk!
    I think most supplements are useless or bandaids but with this I have more energy and am having to spend less time attached to my pump. I’ve never been one to produce much extra but I was struggling to keep up once my period came back and this is the ticket. First week and I was averaging an ounce more a pump (while on my period) – very excited to see what it does for my supply as I continue on. Jacqueline is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable IBCLC who I put all my trust in and I am PICKY and diligently research everything. This product is clean, no added BS and it delivers.

  2. Sarah Whitehouse (verified owner)

    Holy Milk!
    Amazing, high quality, lactation product. I am a nursing mom of an 8 month old baby with a good supply. I grabbed a bottle of this herbal blend for a boost and for the nutritional benefits. Holy milk!! I took this at night and woke up at 3 am engorged. I grabbed baby and fed her but she took one side and I had to pump and got 11.5 ounces after she ate! Since starting to use this supplement, baby has been so satisfied, letdowns are faster, and I’m pumping more when I pump at night. So glad I found this supplement!

  3. gladys z. (verified owner)

    My baby is 1month old, I hardly had 1oz for him.. before losing my hope I decided to try these. Now I’m producing milk, love it! 100% recommended.

  4. Christina elder (verified owner)

    Miracle worker
    After taking antibiotics for 2 weeks my milk dropped to about 25%. This lactation supplement increased my supply back to normal in a matter of days! I highly recommend to all mamas! ❤️

  5. OA (verified owner)

    Seems to help
    I am currently nursing a toddler and do not pump so I can’t say how much this has helped but it definitely gives me a boost without causing engorgment. I tend to have a drop in supply during that time of the month and can tell because my baby tends to get a bit frustrated while nursing and wants to switch sides every few minutes to get the boob with the most milk flow. After taking these for a few days we’ve had much calmer nursing sessions with less frustration. I love that these do not contain fenugreek like so many lactation supplements do. Fenugreek tends to make my supply drop some and also, I do not like smelling like maple syrup.

  6. Emilie C. (verified owner)

    Producing more per pumping session
    As I new mom I had to navigate through this breastfeeding/pumping journey without much of a guidance. I didn’t really read too much information (when you’re tired that’s the last thing you want to do!) but I did hear about supplements to take. The first time I tried supplements was the very popular brand, but after finishing one bottle, I didn’t feel like it did much for me. It could be a combination of reasons such as too tired, putting too much pressure on myself to produce, etc.

    Fast forward a few months, I’m now less stressed out about pumping and having to produce enough for baby. Still, on some days my supply was low and on some days it was good – it would fluctuate. After coming across this and reading about this supplement, I decided to give it a try. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results! I don’t know if it is just a coincidence or I am going a little longer before pumping, but I am now on average producing a lot more per pumping session. I used to pump every 4 hours but now I try to stretch it to 6-8 hours if I don’t feel too much pain. Almost every time I pump I have enough for two feedings. I will keep taking these and see if it gets even better. I am happy with this supplement because it seems to be working for me.

  7. anabel (verified owner)

    It really works!
    Guys this product works like magic! I usually don’t write reviews on products, but this time around I have to. I was only pumping 2 onces from each boob. Now I’m puming 6 to 8oz from each boob. I highly recommend no regrets!

  8. B. DeKo (verified owner)

    Gave me littles boosts when I needed it.
    I only took this supplement when my supply would drop a little, usually due to lack of sleep. It didn’t engorge me but it did help pick my supply back up to where it had been before. Baby didn’t have any reactions to the milk while I took this and I didn’t notice any side effects either.

  9. S.C. (verified owner)

    Ok alternative for increasing milk production
    I try to do mostly breastfeeding but I got some formula help when I have to go outside for work or an something. I do pump some milk too but when it’s not enough, my mom gives it girl formula. Well, I’ve being using these supplements so I can produce more during pumping sessions and I indeed have but I wouldn’t say that that happened exclusively thanks to these pills but rather to a series of things I’ve been doing following my OB/GYN advice such as drinking lots of water and sleeping more to reduce stress.

  10. Brenna Smith (verified owner)

    Still using
    I don’t take 3 a day just one but I do like the results so far

  11. Maddie G. (verified owner)

    Noticed increase in milk supply, worth a try for worried moms
    I have noticed an increase in my milk supply since starting this, probably about an ounce difference. Ive been taking it for about a week and a half now. I’ve also been drinking more water. I now make enough per pumping session for her next bottle plus a little extra. So a load of stress is off my mind. It doesn’t have fenugreek which rarely has a negative effect on milk supply, so if that’s something that worries you, you can take this without worry. It’s worth a try, even though it’s pricey, for the peace of mind that comes with feeling confident in having enough milk for baby. You’ll know within a couple weeks if it works for you or not.

  12. Sarah Wessel (verified owner)

    Run and buy this!
    This product works! I noticed a huge difference within a week of taking this supplement.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    What first attracted me to the product was the company’s tagline “we believe in the power of nature and science.” I believe that nature can provide us with the solution and answers to almost everything. With that being said, I’ve never been able to produce enough milk for my babies. Anywhere from 3-6 months I have to start supplementing with formula. With this current baby, I had to start supplementing even earlier. I’ve tried Body Armor, fenugreek, oatmeal, lactation cookies, brownies, and tons of other supplements. None of those made much of a difference, or if they did it lasted less than a week. I found this product and for the first time EVER I’m making a full supply and pumping extra to freeze! I’ve never had extra milk like this and there have been no side effects! No fussy baby, no maple syrup smell, no gassiness, just more milk. This supplement might be more expensive than others, but I’ve wasted so much money on things that didn’t work that I could have saved myself a lot if I just got this on subscription from the beginning. It’s also way less expensive than all that formula. If you’re anything like me, this should work wonders for you and I really hope it does!! Best wishes Mamas!!

  14. Kim (verified owner)

    Helping with supply
    I definitely think this has helped with my supply. I am “Just enougher” and this seems to have helped me to get a little bit of ahead of my baby!

  15. Erica Conrad (verified owner)

    I started using this product because of recommendation in one of the mom groups I follow. I noticed a difference in my supply within two weeks, I now I’m able to nurse my son and also have enough after my feeding to store for when I go back to work. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Alma (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!!!
    Highly recommend!! I had to deliver at 34 weeks due to complications in my pregnancy. My baby had to stay in the NICU. I felt very pressure because one I didn’t want to give him formula and two they didn’t recommend it at the NICU. My baby had to get donors milk for a few feedings. Which made me feel terrible like I couldn’t produce enough for him. But as soon as I started taking there my milk supply increased dramatically. I’m so happy I found this supplement.

  17. Cory Heacox (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth it!
    Started taking this amazing supplement right after I had my son and it did wonders for my supply. I now take it regularly and have been able to donate 150 extra ounces to the Hospital for micro premature babies. It warms my heart to be able to provide for babies in need since my son received donor Breastmilk while he was in the NICU.

  18. Makayla Pedersen (verified owner)

    Liquid gold in hanger
    I have tried a couple different products for lactation support and this truly is the best one yet! I have had such a wonderful experience with this product! I’m so grateful for this company it’s made a difference in my breastfeeding journey and I’m thankful for the outcome! Highly recommend!

  19. Gadiel Mejia (verified owner)

    I had tried EVERYTHING to bump up my milk supply. It was crucial for me to do so. My son has heart defect and breast milk for a heart baby is truly CRUCIAL. After so much stress my milk supply was so poor I wouldn’t even produce an ounce out of both breast combined. But thankfully I ran into these AMAZING LACTATION PILLS

    I went from literally less than an ounce to 5punces or more a pump now. It didn’t happen over night like magic but with patience and persistence they brought back my milk supply. THANK YOU!!!!

    Moms please if you’re looking for a product to buy for your supply don’t even double guess it. These are worth it!!!!

  20. Lauren Carrillo (verified owner)

    Consistency is key
    I bought this even though I was skeptical. I’ve never been a big producer but figured I would try it. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard to keep up with my pumping routine therefore my supply has dipped BUT since I started taking this religiously I notice that I’m leaking once again and having more letdowns. My milk output is still kind of the same but I do botice a difference. If you have the time to nurse or pump and want to maintain your supply ; I highly recommend these 🙂

  21. Sarah Cox (verified owner)

    Increased Supply!!!
    Went from pumping about 1 ounce combined, to now pumping 4 ounces combined! I have only been taking them for about 2.5 weeks. I was on different supplements before and they weren’t working and I had been trying everything as an EPer (Exclusive Pumper). If you are on the fence about getting them, do it! One tip: I found that taking them at the same time everyday has benefited me the most. And try different times of day (for me mid-morning has helped my supply during the day)

  22. StudentNurse (verified owner)

    I just did one dose a day and saw results in about 2 weeks. I was going back to work and didn’t want my supply to drop. I definitely saw a couple ounce increase which was phenomenal. My boys eats a ton so those ounces were needed and I never had to supplement! Worth the cost!

  23. Heather Jackson (verified owner)

    Best product ever!
    I went from getting 0.5 ounces on each side to getting nearly 3ounces on each side per pump AFTER baby feeds! I will continue to take this as long as I’m breastfeeding! The ingredients are amazing and help with my PP hormones as well! So thankful for a product that works and is natural!

  24. Andi Saldana (verified owner)

    It works.
    I exclusively pumped with my first and exclusively nursed my second (with a few pumps throughout the day to build a supply). I’ve never found a product that actually increased my milk supply until I found Holistic Lactation on Instagram. After trying a Legendairy product, I decided to give Advanced Lactation a try and it WORKS! After the first day I noticed a difference of at least an ounce. So glad so found this! And to top it off, her a Instagram feed is actual gold for new mamas!

  25. Tiffany (verified owner)

    The only thing that works!
    I tried so many different supplements to help increase my supply and none of them worked. I tried all legendairy milk products, mass doses of Fenugreek and all sorts of drinks/teas to help my supply at the recommendation of my IBCLC. Seriously, none of it worked. This though. I wish I had this long ago!

  26. Kustomphitted (verified owner)

    Good ingredients but i feel like it decreased my supply. Could’ve been user error and being that i am an exclusive pumper I have to work harder for supply. Everything works different for everybody so you’ll have to try it for yourself.

  27. Mercedes (verified owner)

    These work- fast!
    I don’t typically carve the time out to write reviews especially after having a baby but I had to about these! Took them as recommended (3 capsules 1 or 2x a day) and noticed an increase in roughly 48 hours. Baby gained 1.5lbs in 2 weeks can’t thank her enough for creating these!!

  28. Jennifer Jessop (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these.

  29. Brodi0918 (verified owner)

    I would recommend to anyone looking to up supply!
    Really great product. I would recommend to anyone looking for an increase in milk supply.

  30. A. (verified owner)

    Trust the Process
    First off, this has helped tremendously. I pump and don’t directly nurse. I had stopped pumping all together and then my baby developed RSV after our toddler shared his school germs. I knew breast milk would help her the most, so I immediately started pumping again. I was averaging about a half ounce to an ounce, but every tiny bit counts. So I was okay with that but decided to work towards increasing my supply. For the record, my supply has always been historically low, never more than 2oz per pumping session.
    I have been taking the supplement for over 5 days now and I have noticed an increase. My let down tingle is also back. This image above is from one simulated pumping session with a hands free pump. The pump makes a difference for me and my output. A few things to notate:
    * Be consistent with taking both doses each day. I take one in the morning AFTER I pump and one in the evening AFTER I pump.
    * Hydrate. Drink your water. Nothing functions properly on your body if you’re not hydrated.
    * Everyone is different so be mindful of what’s considered progress for yourself and not someone else.
    * Easy on the stomach. Didn’t really notice a taste or anything.

    I’ll be continuing with the supplement for the next few months.
    United States

  31. Charli Leon-Guerrero (verified owner)

    Saved my supply!!
    This is my third baby/ breast feeding journey and I wish I had found these with my first! I got my period back really early this time around, like 2 months pp. Every month come that time my supply takes a huge hit. Ive tried 6 different lactation supplements and this is the only one that Ive noticed a significant difference in my supply. Not just that but the quality of my milk has changed drastically. My 6 mo old gained 1 lb in 8 days. We havent had a weight gain like that in a while! It also does not make either of us gassy which is super important. Ordered more and signed up for the subscription!!

  32. Kendra (verified owner)

    The Boost I needed!
    7.5months into EBF and I started to notice a big decrease in supply when I would randomly have periods. My daughter had not really shown me any dissatisfaction until this most recent drop and I had to get into my freezer stash. I decided to give this a try and add a pumping session in the evening. I could tell from day one my breasts started to feel more full. My baby was staying at the breast longer and not unlatching. I pumped 2 oz out after 5 minutes which is usually what I would pump in 20 minutes when not on my period. My baby and I have not experienced any ill effects so far. Its only been a few days of taking 1 cap in the AM and 1 in the PM and I am very pleased. I wish I wouldve started taking this 2 months ago!!

  33. Jonathan Branam (verified owner)

    Amazing! So thankful for this product.
    Definitely recommend. I had low milk supply and had to supplement with formula for the first two months. I tried everything on the market and figured why not one more. This supplement was a game changer. My family will be forever thankful. The price is very reasonable. I paid more for other products that didnt work.

  34. Molly Fleming (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh!!!!
    Ive been breastfeeding now for 2.5 months. It has been a struggle since day one. My baby and I both were rushed off to operating rooms once he was born during delivery, therefore we missed the golden hour. It has been a struggle from the very start to breastfeed/ pump. I tried everything you could think of to boost and KEEP my supply as well as soooo many supplements. Nothing worked. It has been so hard and, depressing to be honest. Then I found Hollistic Lactation!!! This lactation formula has literally changed everything already. Before it took me 20 minutes of pumping to get 4 ounces. Now Im getting those 4 ounces within 4-5 minutes. So Im looking at 8-13 ounces now after a 20 minute pump. & Ive only been using Hollistic Lactation for 6 days. This formula is already changing this journey in such a positive form, I cant wait to see where Ill be in two weeks! Make your pump/ breastfeeding journey easier and fuller- purchase this product. You wont regret it!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Genuinely works!
    Definite increase seen when I pump for my 6 month olds nighttime bottle.

  36. Jennifer Alms (verified owner)

    Watch the milk flow!
    I was pumping maybe an ounce and not pulling anything with the haakaas. Im a full bottle in and just received second photo today. Highly recommend. Milk has gotten fatties since using and im collecting noticeably more. Will continue to use through our nursing journey.

  37. Mirna (verified owner)

    Hands down to this lactation product I began to purchase 9mth pregnant once postpartum I started taking it and it has made my milk supply thick although my supply never increases no matter what I do but it makes me happy its rich and that counts so much because although supply quantity its not much for myself but the quality knocks my baby out so worth every penny no even expensive. So glad its convenient on Amazon and the lactation consultant who created this product is so pretty too I had to say it lol

  38. Lasandra (verified owner)

    Upped my supply in 7 days

  39. Julia West (verified owner)

    Definitely worked for me!
    Ive been lucky to have a good and steady supply overall, but occasionally I slack on my nutrition or I go through a couple weeks of stress so my supply will dip a bit. Each dip Ill take some of this supplement and Im right back to where I like to be. A normal pump gives me about 10oz total output, a dip for me is about 5os total output. Thanks for a great product!!

  40. Jessica (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!
    I’m 3 months postpartum with twins and I’m producing enough to send 8 bottles to daycare each day. I’ve got this on auto ship now so I don’t miss a day. I did a lot of research/read reviews and while this one is a bit pricey, I would highly recommend for breastfeeding or exclusively pumping moms like myself. I didn’t use any supplements with my firstborn and I’ve noticed a big difference in the quality of milk this time around. My twins were born a month early so having “full fat” milk made them double their birth weight by two months old!

  41. Keanza (verified owner)

    I’m so greatful, my supply is like never before
    My son is almost three months old & I was seeing a drop in my supply due to stress. & feeling like my baby wasn’t getting enough devastated me . So I did some research & decided to give this a try && I seen improvements almost immediately. I’m so grateful & happy

  42. JJCorco (verified owner)

    Noticeable Increase
    This is my fourth baby yet the first baby I have been diligent with pumping and giving a bottle regularly. As an exclusively breastfeeding mom, I never seemed to have enough to pump to build up a supply. Taking this formula always leaves me fuller by morning (despite baby nursing half the night) so that pumping with a hand pump is productive (minimum 4 oz) which is much more than I get when I’m not regularly including this supplement in my routine. It definitely makes a difference for me.

  43. Amanda Pasionek (verified owner)

    Saved my breastfeeding journey
    Saved my breastfeeding journey. After taking this I immediately noticed an increase in supply and less discomfort with clogs. Thank you so much!

  44. insideout (store manager)

    This is a 5 start product!

  45. Hannah Butler (verified owner)

    This helped save my milk supply!
    When I first began breastfeeding several months ago, my lactation consultant told me about the supplements from Holistic Lactation. I bought a couple just to have on hand in case I ever needed them,
    and I was so thankful I did. My 3 month old had RSV and barely ate anything. I hardly could find the time to pump to help maintain my supply, and as a result, it tanked. My son who normally was drinking 4-5 oz
    at a time was now barely getting an oz at each feeding, and was getting increasingly frustrated. I was so worried and discouraged once I realized I had a low supply, so I immediately started taking the Advanced
    Lactation Formula supplement hoping it would help. Within just a couple of days of taking it I noticed a big difference, and my baby was getting more at each feeding. Before, I barely pumped more than a few drops,
    but a few days after taking this, I started to pump 3-4 oz in less than 10 minutes. I am still taking this supplement, and I’m so thankful to say that my supply is better than ever, and I have a very happy baby!

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The holistic lactation difference

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Holistic Lactation Amazon Feature 6 Min
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premium ingredients

The specific combination of ingredients and their dosages is what makes our product uniquely effective. When moms are struggling to make enough breastmilk for their babies, they need a product that works quickly and will continue to produce results for the long term.

Icon Expert

Expert Formulated

Our founder is a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who chose each herb and extract based on the latest & most comprehensive science, coupled with years of clinical practice. Our product was born out of the lack of effective options for women looking to naturally & effectively increase their breastmilk production.

Icon Third Tested

Third-party tested

Each ingredient of our product is organic, tested for heavy metals, made in the USA, and meets Good Manufacturing Practices requirements to ensure a high-quality and natural supplement that’s safe for breastfeeding moms and their babies. We’ve ensured it’s free of common allergens too.

Our Ingredients

All organic, US-sourced & tested for heavy metals

Moringa Leaf Powder

Our primary ingredient, Moringa, is a powerful superfood that has been shown to substantially increase milk production compared to placebo.

Moringa increases serum prolactin (the hormone responsible for milk production) levels. In studies, Moringa use has been linked to increased infant weight gain as well as a significant increase in pumped milk volume.*

Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Milk Thistle is well-known as an herb that’s beneficial to the liver, which is the body’s master processor of hormones. Hormone balance is key to lactation, but it’s only the extract of milk thistle (called Silymarin) that works to increase breastmilk production. Silymarin has been shown to be more than twice as effective as placeboOur supplement is the only one to have 80% silymarin extract for maximum potency.

Shatavari Root Powder

Shatavari helps to increase milk production because it balances blood sugar levels, and increases prolactin production. Additionally, it increases production of corticoids, which stimulate more milk production and increase the glandular tissue in breasts.*

Not only does Shatavari help to increase milk production, but it also contains antioxidants, improves your immune system, aids in digestion, and protects against depression.

Alfalfa Leaf Powder

Alfalfa leaf is a very nutritious herb packed with minerals, protein, numerous vitamins and amino acids. It is said to be phytoestrogenic and contain thyroid releasing hormones, which is how it stimulates prolactin and increases milk production.*

Alfalfa has been long used as a traditional galactagogue in many cultures around the world, with reported great results.

Fennel Seed Powder

Most people often think of fenugreek when it comes to increasing milk supply, however fennel seed is actually the lactation powerhouse.

Fennel can actually help with the let-down reflex, helping to increase milk flow. Fennel seed also improves a mom’s digestion, which can, in turn, improve her baby’s digestion.*

What real moms say about our supplement


After taking antibiotics for 2 weeks my milk dropped to about 25%. This lactation supplement increased my supply back to normal in a matter of days! I highly recommend to all mamas!

Christina E.

This is my third baby/breast feeding journey and I wish I had found these with my first! I got my period back really early this time around, like 2 months pp. Every month come that time my supply takes a huge hit. I’ve tried 6 different lactation supplements and this is the only one that I’ve noticed a significant difference in my supply. Ordered more and signed up for the subscription!!

Charli Leon-Guerrero

My baby is 1 month old, I hardly had 1 0z for him.. before losing my hope I decided to try these. Now I’m producing milk, love it! 100% recommended.

Gladys Z.

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Combine our Supplements for maximum results

Our Lactation Flow Formula can help you increase milk flow, clear plugged ducts, and treat/prevent mastitis during lactation.

Regain milk output with Turmeric, Choline, 95% (curcuminoids) turmeric extract, and Lactobacillus salivarius.

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Bundled Products

Guys this product works like magic! I usually don’t write reviews on products, but this time around I have to. I was only pumping 2 ounces from each boob. Now I’m pumping 6 to 8oz from each boob. I highly recommend ? no regrets!



Products created from science & experience

Jacqueline has been a leader in the field of lactation, mentoring other lactation consultants, speaking at professional conferences, and serving clients all around the world. Her holistic approach to bringing together science & nature is what sets her apart and makes our innovative products so effective.

Meet our team

Holistic Guidance

After taking antibiotics for 2 weeks my milk dropped to about 25%. This lactation supplement increased my supply back to normal in a matter of days! I highly recommend to all mamas!

Christina E.



As with all dietary supplements and herbs, please consult with your healthcare provider(s) before use if you are breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.

*Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.