Jacqueline Kincer

Hello there!

I am Jacqueline Kincer and I wear many hats (okay, just a few)! I’m a business coach, speaker, lactation consultant, and myofunctional therapist. You’ve found my site because you’re interested in one of those things. Scroll down and click below to find out more….

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Feeding & Lactation

As an expert in holistic remedies and tongue/lip ties, Jacqueline works with families to get breastfeeding to be fully functional, pain-free and easy.

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Business coaching

Jacqueline works with physicians and healthcare providers to establish and grow their practices. Her strategies are sought out by colleagues all over the world.

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Myofunctional therapy

Habilitating oral function and correcting oral and postural habits is Jacqueline’s specialty. She works with all ages to retrain proper tongue posture, jaw function, speech, swallowing, and more.