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There is a reason why symmetrical faces are considered the most beautiful--a healthy facial structure is a sign of overall wellness. Looking good isn't just about being attractive, it has much more to do with feeling good. Proper orofacial mechanics bring you better sleep, more energy, clearer speech, while alleviating headaches, jaw pain, neck tension and more. Orofacial myology is a non-invasive method of alleviating chronic breathing, eating, speech and related issues while enhancing facial appearance.


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Certified in the Coulson Method, we work with our clients using specific therapeutic exercises to achieve the desired results. We do a thorough initial evaluation, taking facial measurements, analyzing posture, documenting oral structure and assessing breathing.

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What Is an Orofacial Myologist?

Our work is done through a series of exercises that address proper oral function, posture and correction of improper facial muscle movements. We work with our clients to achieve a specific set of goals based on your individual needs.

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Orofacial myology has many health and aesthetic benefits, but it is also far less invasive and costly than injections, surgeries, and orthodontia. While we cannot guarantee you won't need those treatments, we can decrease your need for more invasive work and give you lasting results.

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Our practice is located in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, Arizona. Private sessions are done in our centrally located office.


Functional faces are beautiful faces.

— Jacqueline Kincer